Root Canal Treatment

If you are suffering from extreme toothache, or if a tooth is already infected with an abscess, root canal therapy is the only option to save the tooth. Teeth that require this treatment have usually been damaged by tooth decay, and unfortunately the infection will not resolve on its own. Without this treatment, the infection may spread to affect other teeth and gums, and may lead to large and potentially dangerous swellings of the gum and face.

The procedure involves removal of the infected nerve (pulp) from inside the tooth, and the tooth is then disinfected and sealed, therefore eliminating the bacteria that cause the pain and infection. This is all carried out under local anaesthetic for your complete comfort, and may take 1 or 2 visits to complete.

It is usually recommended that a crown is placed over the tooth following this treatment so that it can retain its strength and function, and be more long lasting.

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