Dental Implants

The look, feel and function of a natural tooth

Dental implants are the modern treatment of choice to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Missing teeth can make people feel self-conscious and insecure about their smile, and now dental implants can allow you to smile and chew with real confidence. Traditionally, unsightly gaps have been filled with dentures or bridges, but these options can now be a thing of the past. Dentures can become loose and uncomfortable over time, and the provision of bridges usually requires the teeth adjacent to the gaps to be ground down which may affect their health in the long term. Dental implants avoid these issues and now offer the best way to restore an aesthetic and functional smile.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant replicates the form of a natural tooth. The dental implant is a titanium ‘screw’ that is placed into the jaw bone in the area of the missing tooth. The implant is then left to heal so that it integrates with the bone, after which it then acts as a foundation for a new tooth crown to be attached on top of it.

Can I have implants?

The provision of implants is mainly based on the quantity of bone available in the jaw. Once teeth are lost, the jaw bone starts to shrink away; by replacing the missing teeth with implants, the bone is therefore preserved. As long as you are generally healthy, and there is an adequate amount of bone anybody can have implants, irrespective of age. However, smokers, those who suffer from diabetes, or people who have a history of gum disease, have a higher risk of the treatment being unsuccessful.

What are the benefits of implants?

There are many ways that implants can benefit you:

  • From just a single tooth to a row of teeth, implants can be used to reconstruct missing teeth.
  • They can also be placed under dentures to make them more stable
  • Stable, functional and aesthetic results comparable to real teeth
  • avoid unnecessary tooth movements from tilting, twisting or over-erupting teeth into spaces vacated by missing teeth
  • overall improvement in general health and quality of life

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