Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on improving the appearance of teeth, gums and bite. Cosmetic dentistry can be used to treat a number of different conditions, including tooth discoloration, misshapen teeth, gaps between teeth, and crooked teeth. In addition to traditional dental procedures such as teeth whitening and veneers, cosmetic dentistry also includes newer techniques such as dental implants and Invisalign braces.

Whether you’re looking to achieve a brighter smile or correct a dental issue, cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve your goals. If you live in Sutton Coldfield and are interested in learning more about cosmetic dentistry, please contact our practice to schedule a free consultation.

What can be achieved with cosmetic dentistry?

There were a number of issues this patient wanted resolved:

  • the front teeth were slightly too wide
  • the front right (from the patients perspective) to was inset
  • the bottom left canine (from the patients perspective) was inset
  • the height between the bottom right canine and first pre-mola (from the patients perspective) was great which caused a black triangle

Using a combination of bonding, orthodontics and whitening we were able to use cosmetic dentistry to help this patient achieve the smile they’ve always wanted.

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How much does cosmetic dentistry cost

The cost of cosmetic dentistry can vary widely depending on the procedure being performed. In general, simple procedures like teeth whitening tend to be less expensive than more invasive procedures like veneers or dental implants. That being said, the cost of cosmetic dentistry also depends on factors like the dentist’s experience and the location of the practice. In general, dental practices in larger cities tend to charge more than those in smaller towns like Streetly. We also offer 0% finance to help make cosmetic dentistry affordable.

How is composite bonding used in cosmetic dentistry?

Composite bonding is a type of cosmetic dentistry that uses a putty-like material to repair chipped, cracked or discoloured teeth. The material is made from a composite of plastic and fine glass particles, and it can be matched to the colour of your teeth for a natural-looking result.

Cosmetic dentists will use composite bonding to fill in small gaps between teeth, as well as to repair chips and cracks. In some cases, it can also be used to change the shape or length of teeth.

The procedure itself is relatively simple. First, the tooth is prepared by roughening up the surface so that the bonding material will have something to adhere to. Next, the dentists will apply the putty-like composite material to the tooth and shape it into the desired form. Once they are satisfied with the results, they will harden the material using a UV light or laser.

Composite bonding is a quick and effective way to improve the appearance of your smile. It is also much less expensive than other cosmetic dental procedures such as veneers or crowns. However, it is not as durable as these other options and may need to be replaced every few years. But if you are looking for a fast and easy way to improve your smile, composite bonding may be the perfect solution for you.

If you are considering composite bonding or any other cosmetic dental procedure, be sure to schedule a consultation with an experienced dentist who can help you choose the best option for your individual needs.


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