Oral Health Assessments

What does my Oral Health Assessment involve?

We conduct regular oral health assessments, usually every 6 months, where we will be checking specific areas and assessing them for their health.

These checks will ensure that we perform a thorough and detailed health assessment when you come to see us, and this allows us to continue to provide you with the highest quality and continuity of dental care.

Our 18 point oral health assessments include the following:

  • How healthy you feel your teeth and gums are
  • Any problems or concerns you may have
  • Identifying any medical risks to your dental health
  • Identifying any other risks to your dental health
  • Plaque control regime at home
  • Sugar/fizz/acid frequency risks
  • Family history of conditions linked to gum inflammation
  • General progress check
  • If you are happy with the appearance of your teeth
  • Health of your glands
  • Health of jaw joint and facial muscles
  • Health of tongue, lips, cheeks, skin (this is your oral cancer screen)
  • Health of your gums
  • Health of your teeth
  • Health and stability of your fillings, crowns, dentures and implants
  • Presence of plaque
  • Health of area under, inside and between teeth (checked on X-ray)
  • Health of bone levels (checked on X-ray)

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