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Practice membership plans are available at Streetly Smiles Dental Care. Membership is a fantastic way of ensuring that you are benefitting from regular oral health maintenance. Members have a wide range of benefits, and allow you to budget for your dental care by spreading payments over the course of the year. We have several adult membership plans available, starting from only £6.57 per month, and the right plan can be recommended to you after your initial consultation.

adult dental care plans

Essential Care Plan – £12.99 per month:

The Essential Care plan includes 2 Oral Health Assessments per year, and 2 Hygiene Visits per year, plus all of the benefits outlined below.

Enhanced Care Plan – £22.10 per month:

The Essential Care plan includes 2 Oral Health Assessments per year, and 4 Hygiene Visits per year, plus all of the benefits outlined below.

Annual Care Plan – £6.57 per month:

The Annual Care Plan includes 1 Oral Health Assessment per year, and 1 Hygiene Visit per year, plus all of the benefits outlined below.

benefits of practice membership include:

  • 10% discount on any fillings
  • 10% discount on root canal fillings
  • 10% discount on crowns, veneers and bridges
  • 10% discount on tooth whitening
  • 10% discount on dentures
  • 10% discount on many other dental treatments (exclusions apply)
  • All small dental x-rays
  • Complimentary tooth whitening consultations
  • Complimentary teeth straightening consultations
  • No charges for emergency appointments within normal practice hours
  • Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme*
    Eligibility to request assistance in the event of:
    • Dental Trauma
    • Dental Emergency
    • Oral Cancer
    • Redundancy

child dental care plans:

Child plans are also available for our younger patients. These plans include: 2 Oral Health Assessments per year, 1 Hygiene Visit per year, plus a 10% discount of most treatments, and free X-rays (where required). We will also provide a free tooth brush on signing up, 10 disclosing tablets per year, and complimentary orthodontic consultations. Oral Health Assessments for children under 5s are free of charge.

Little Smilers (ages 5-11) – £2.95 per month

Young Smilers (ages 12-17) – £4.95 per month

Please contact the practice on 0121 353 1244 for more information about our Membership Plans.

The price of the membership includes a premium of £0.68 per month. Please see our key facts document for full details on limits excesses and exclusions.

An initial administration fee of £9.50 is taken with your first payment.

If you have any questions then you can contact Practice Plan, on 01691 684128.

*The Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme is a scheme established to offer support and assistance to dental plan patients who request treatment following a dental trauma and/or dental emergency or oral cancer. The Scheme responds to requests for assistance on a wholly discretionary basis. This means that, whilst the Scheme aims to provide benefits in most cases, it has no obligation to provide any benefit unless it first decides (in its sole and absolute discretion) that it should provide a benefit. There are some circumstances in which the Scheme is not designed to help and these are explained in more detail in the Scheme Handbook. Each request will be looked at individually to assess the request for benefit. Certain restrictions and limitations may apply in the event that the request is accepted and it is possible that the Scheme will decide to provide no benefit.

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